Restoration of the original Top Playlists page


This proposal seeks the restoration of the Top Playlists page, which previously was removed.


This proposal seeks to restore the Top Playlists page that previously was removed to make space for Audius’ new rewards program.

An Example of how the Top Playlist page can be re-implemented seamlessly back into the Audius platform:


  • This proposal does not seek to eliminate the trending playlists page or modify the rewards program in any way.


Playlists have long been a primary method of music consumption for listeners and a critical method for independent artists to have their music heard. As Audius themselves have stated:

“Curators move the culture but have long been left out of the equation.”
@AudiusProject -

With the new rewards program, the visibility of curators who have long supported and continue to support the platform has been hidden. With it, the voices of the diverse communities we’ve uplifted have been suppressed as well.

As it stands, actual curators are being buried under artists/verified users who share their songs/ep/contest as playlists. In addition, a lot of these playlists are also boosted by Audius through social media.

As a pioneer of playlisting on Audius and its Top Curator to this very day, I can honestly say that I don’t care for competitions, nor $AUDIO. The only thing I care about is uplifting the voices of the very talented but significantly underrepresented voices of this community.

I know a couple of other curators who feel the same as I do.

This proposal looks to assist small communities by restoring the Top Playlists page, which previously was inclusive of various communities on Audius.


Restore the original Top Playlists page on the Audius music streaming platform.

Add a new navigation column link titled ‘Top Playlists’ under the DISCOVER section of the user sidebar, which will link back to the original Top Playlists page.


  • Increase in the visibility of smaller artists, especially non-EDM, on the platform who’d otherwise be buried.
  • Music Discoverability on the platform increases by having well-known curators of various genres highlighted
  • Empower smaller and underrepresented communities on Audius
  • It would be an acknowledgment of the long-standing curators on the platform who’ve curated without the desire or expectation of receiving $AUDIO
    *It showcases the diversity of artists on the platform showing that Audius is a home for all, not just a select few.


  • Not a blockchain app developer, but it might cause extra load on the platform (I would love if an audius developer could chime in and let me know)


Please use this poll to soft signal your support of this proposal.

  • Bring Back The Original Top Playlist Page
  • Don’t Bring Back The Top Playlist Page

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Massively, massively in favour of this proposal - as a listener, curator and artist. Love the amount of thought you have put into this and the level of detail.

Firstly, the largest playlists on the platform are generally the most updated and of the highest quality curation - when the top playlist page was removed many of these playlists stopped seeing traffic and growth unless they stayed on the trending playlists chart.
While the trending playlists chart is good, it doesn’t really play to the long term engagement of the playlist - once it’s down the trending list, all interaction is gone. Looking at the list currently, the top 10 is dominated by:

  • Playlists consisting of single artists
  • Playlists consisting of single tracks
  • Playlists not actively curated
  • Playlists sharing tracks from the other top playlists

This doesn’t help artists on the platform. It helps individuals and labels. All the actually curated playlists that feature the community are out of the top 10 (excluding Audius Playlists’ playlist) and by that point the discoverability is tiny.
This is without mentioning the bot playlists that make it into the top 10 and push genuine playlists down, too. A top playlists page would essentially be protection against botted playlists or these single track/artist playlists.

Having the top playlists page again acknowledges the top curators and encourages them to continue curating, as well as being more beneficial for discoverability for featured artists. Finding playlists other than scrolling past the top 10 trending is already hard on Audius, the ‘Playlists we love right now’ page on Audius hasn’t been updated in over a year and features playlists that haven’t been updated since then. Just generally from a user’s perspective, finding regularly updated playlists isn’t as easy as it can be.

Massively in support of this proposal and I hope they add the page back. Forgot to mention that on the Audius streams dashboard, we could actually see the amount of on-platform streams decrease after the page was removed and replaced with the trending playlists. We can have both (and we don’t need rewards for the overall top playlists chart)


Hey! I love the idea of bringing top playlists back as a curator myself.

Keep in mind though the governance portal isn’t actually for product or feature requests.

The feature-requests channel on discord is where any feature requests should be pointed in the future, which i’m sure you know - but for others looking to suggest as well. I went ahead and added that in the channel for you though!


Fully on board with this suggestion. Trending playlists are nice to see what’s hot this week, but I enjoyed the Top Playlist option that was available previously.


100% supported and we vote to bring back the original Top Playlists page, for all the reasons stated here already!
Just wanted to voice our support here. :slight_smile:


I agree with this proposal, all comments as well…

I myself am a struggling solo (un-verified) artist who believes in the AUDIUS project.

-I have completely stopped uploading & using other music streaming platforms, and am currently moving all my original songs to the AUDIUS platform!

-$AUDIO, I cannot lie, is a big motivator for me, however I am most definitely not greedy in the sense of using bots or any other form of manipulation in order to gain it, I’m fully investing all my energy into the project and will continue to do so as long as the platform does not become corrupted!


I love this proposal as well. Would be curious to hear any potential benefits for not having it there so the choice could be weighed out, but from the surface it looks like an easy yes for me. Really resonate with the points made above in favor of it, especially as powerful tools for inclusion, discovery & offerings from curators.