Public Playlists

  1. Summary - The ability to make a playlist that other users can repost their songs to. Control over how often each user can repost songs, and the ability to make the latest posted song the top of the playlist. Making a search function to find public playlists.

  2. Abstract - Essentially recreating public playlists on the old soundcloud. It’s what made soundcloud good back in the day. A playlist is made with a genre title, the ability to search for playlists by title allows users to find these public playlists in a certain genre. The playlist owner would be able to limit how often each user can post a song to reduce spamming (spamming a song was the gameplan with the soundcloud playlists, it made sure you were at the top and got more listens) As an artist you repost your track to a playlist and people can discover your music.

3 Motivation - As an artist you can post a song to a genre playlist, without any middlemen between you and potential listeners. As a listener, it allows organic discovery of artists without someone getting in the way and curating your tastes. As a playlist curator it creates a space for you to find new music. There’s not much on audius to find say… ambient drone music. There’s moods, there’s playlists made by curators, but the old soundcloud “organicness” of being able to find a new artist that you like from these public areas is missing. Basically, every artist has an audience, no matter what they are doing. Sites like soundcloud are clogged with middlemen trying to put themselves between an artist and their potential audience and charging money to connect the two.

4- Specification - I make music, I don’t code. But basically, add buttons when making a playlist to say who can post to the playlist and how often they can post. Add a search function and a new box in the explore section labeled “Public Playlists”

5 - Benefits - The old soundcloud. Everyone went to soundcloud to find that underground music. It’d make audius the new place for artists to put their music out to get heard, the new place to organically find those new artists doing things that some “tastemaker” doesnt approve of.

  1. Drawbacks - Load. Lots of people reposting songs to playlists could increase load on servers. Having to sort through a heap of trash songs to find the good music. (But that’s how the old playlists were and it was great finding the gem in the dumpsterfire.)

7 - Vote Thumbs up means implement these features, thumbs down means don’t.


I like this idea. I know Spotify has something similar with open playlists and I’ve seen it being used as a way of bringing the artist closer to their fans (e.g. Guy from Bastille made a marathon playlist that fans added motivational songs to).

Having a limit on how often people can add songs is good. I would also suggest users not being able to change the order of tracks, since that could be abused and artists could move their songs to the top for more streams.


Another term for this would be collaborative playlists. I’ve also been asking for this as I use the Spotify version of this idea for my server. I’d love to do the same on a free-to-upload platform such as Audius.

Concerning the drawback of load, I beg to differ. Assuming they implement your proposal, I’d Assume they’d keep the 200 track limit that they currently have instituted for a standard playlist; load would be relatively less of an issue than other actions unrestricted such as following, reposting, and liking.


With a 200 track limit would that mean A) that once it’s filled that’s it, no more submissions? And if so B) would there be a time limit for how long a track can stay on it and/or a “mod” to say yes this fits and this doesn’t? Kinda curating to make sure the 200 tracks all fit the genre?

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Keep in mind it’s just my assumption, but if implemented I’d imagine that there’d be one person who owns the playlists and can ultimately modify(add, delete, rearrange) how they see fit and subscriber(people who like) would have the permission to add tracks to the playlist how they see fit until the 200 quota.

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Collaborative playlists are a nice feature on Spotify and would translate well here. I support this. Additionally, I agree that there likely should be a moderator still that can manage any abuse of the playlist, like someone spamming it with 50 of their tracks all at once or adding off-genre or objectively poor quality tracks to the playlist. :slight_smile:
To address the 200 track limit, I would expand upon ryjobe36_FELDT’s question about time limits. A way to keep the collaborative playlists from becoming stale, would be to utilize a FIFO method, where once the playlist hits the 200 track limit, the first track in (oldest) would be the first out. That would be a simple automation that could help manage the playlist.


Great idea. For any types of ‘feature requests’ though let’s please use the #feature-requests channel in the Audius Community Discord.

Feel free to copy and paste that over there - this format is great for that channel too <3