Proposing $AUDIO Rewards on Solana

We propose the introduction of a fully decentralized incentive system for the Audius Protocol, known as ‘$AUDIO Rewards’. This system allows artists and fans on Audius to complete challenges in exchange for small amounts of $AUDIO, leveraging the high throughput and low costs of Solana to put more $AUDIO in the hands of the grassroots community than ever before.

This is a complex protocol feature involving multiple changes and governance proposals, all of which are described in further detail in the following blog post:

The team is looking forward to discussing this proposal with the community!


Love it! :raised_hands:

When it comes to swap/trading on Audio SPL tokens on Solana, I’ll assume it’s going to be Sol and USDC - I’m thinking it could be good to have a look on UXD Protocol with AUDIO inflation in mind - Which solves the stablecoin trilemma and long increased value over time
Solana Governance (

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