[PASSED] Mint tokens to reimburse Staked delegators

On May 8, 2021, Staked delegators erroneously received 0 AUDIO tokens as their staking reward for the week instead of the 648,000 AUDIO to which they were entitled. This was due to a small bug written up in this post-mortem.

We propose that the protocol mint tokens to reimburse impacted delegators and provide a means for distribution to them.

Staked deployed a contract to handle the distribution of these tokens.

We believe this is a fair resolution to a problem that impacted both delegators and Staked. Until it’s addressed, this issue could happen to any validators delegates. Happy to discuss with the community.


While I am not a Staked delegator, I wholly agree with this proposal. Delegators shouldn’t be punished because of a bug. If users aren’t reimbursed, they may lose confidence in the protocol. I have to ask, though, shouldn’t it be categorized as a proposal instead of a suggestion?


Thanks Tim. Would be great to have this resolved ASAP.


Im definitely in support of this proposal.
Thanks Tim.

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This is the only reason I myself have not actually staked my holdings… until this issue is resolved, I will not be delegating my audio! And that really in my opinion isna bummer on a count of my dream is to earn passive income… I really hope this proposal gets approved!

Thank you for listening…


Definitely for this.
Delegators shouldn’t suffer from bugs and thus lose a lot of possible capital due to them.

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Note that I’ve initiated this proposal so you can vote here:



This proposal was approved and executed, so the funds are now available to delegators. You should follow these instructions if you were impacted for reimbursement:


Was able to successfully claim the funds. Thanks for seeing this through.

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Tried claiming rewards, but network fees are .25 ETH right now… $500 bucks to claim… feels scamazed man.

You already got paid out. Staked paid all the gas fees on your behalf. Still feeling scamazed?

Haha. Didn’t realize that. Nope! Not anymore. Thank you!