Introducing the AUDIO Grants Program!

Greetings, all!

On behalf of everyone involved, I’m proud to present the introduction of the AUDIO Grants Program! Please see below for a collectively written roundup on what the program is, what we hope to accomplish, and how we hope community members will engage with it going forward. Application form included! Enjoy :slight_smile:

Are you an up and coming artist on Audius looking to make a splash?

Well look no further - the AUDIO Grants Program is live!

In short, the program offers AUDIO token grants for initiatives that grow the Audius ecosystem. These grants will range in size and can be used for campaigns like remix contest prizes, recurring live streams, community playlists, and whatever else comes to mind.

There is no technical requirement necessary to apply for a grant. Think of this as your way to earn tokens for the campaign you’ve always wanted to run to grow your community, and Audius along with it!

100,000 AUDIO is available to applicants during the first three month pilot - it’s held in this multisig address.

To apply for an AUDIO grant, simply fill out this form.

Our AUDIO Grants Committee will be in charge of reviewing incoming applications and rewarding AUDIO tokens on a case by case basis.

The size of specific grants is still being determined, but we expect standards to emerge around particular initiatives over time. Grants will be capped at 1000 AUDIO.

Here’s an example of what a grant could look like:

Matthew Chaim is hosting a remix contest for his new single Blue Balloon.

He requests a 250 AUDIO token grant to be distributed as follows:

150 AUDIO to the winner
75 AUDIO to the runner-up
25 AUDIO to an honorable mention.

After running the remix contest, Matthew requests each artist’s Audius wallet and distributes tokens manually to each of the winners.

When applying for a grant, applicants will receive an email from the Grants Committee if their request is approved. Tokens are batched with all other grant recipients and distributed weekly to the address listed in the submission. The committee will look to share an overview on who received grants once per month via the governance forum.

For questions and comments, hop into the AUDIOphiles Discord. Until then, tee up some ideas and spread the word! We’re counting on you to make this program a hit. AGC out!


This is really great @Maxwell, thanks for posting! Definitely something Brickwood is considering! Love to participate in anyway we can to get $audio distributed to more under-underground artists that aren’t able to chart in the top 5 trending but still make really great music. F the moon, Audius to the outer reaches!!


Good writeup! Couple questions.

a) Is there a way to to modify the application details later. EXAMPLE: Artist requests 800 audio for remix contest (that has four price categories instead of three) but the committee decides the 800 audio is too much and lowers it to 500 or will this automatically result declined application?

b) If i see someone making really awesome feat that results growth in Audius ecosystem and the artist/person itself does not know, want or is too shy to apply for grant. Can i file a grant application that suggest him getting some Audio as reward / incentive to continue hes work on the topic? EXAMPLE: You Tube person that has no past relations to platform makes a video about Audius and it manages to accumulate several millions of views thus boosting the presence of Audius platform. Can i file grant application for him to get some Audio or do i have to apply for grant myself so i can reward him the said audio? The later seems little suspicious option.

Thank you for your time. :tumbler_glass:


I second this question, “a)” it appears that I also need to make revisions to an application and as it stands it seems that I’m going to need to draft the whole thing from the ground up again just to change a couple small details.


Noticed that the grant application form says up to 2500 max, but description of program says 1000. This is really great though! I just applied, and will encourage some friends in the music scene here in Denver to apply too. Thank you!