[GUI] - Artist Profile Track Layout Arrangement & “Stacking”

Summary: The ability to rearrange an artists track on their main page. That way an artist favorite tracks can be bumped up to the top of their list easily.

Abstract: Currently the only way to do this is thru changing the “release date” of a song or album in order to get the desired arrangement. Especially when first getting on Audius and uploading the bulk of the artists previously released material. It would be nice to keep release dates true to the labels/artists actual release dates and still be able to arrange tracks to an artists liking.

Motivation: Not always is the latest release the artists most favorite or the artists fans most favorite so the ability to curate ones own page is critical to an artists brand

Specification: When the “Edit Profile” button is clicked and artist can scroll down to the posted public tracks and be able to click, drag and arrange their track list to their liking. Doesn’t seem to need a new dedicated feature developed

Benefits: Artists curation of ones own page based on their track layout preferences

Drawbacks: I do not see any visible drawbacks at the moment. This would not allow the ability to add or delete tracks so there would be no accidental deletions. This is only for overall track arrangement or “stacking”

Vote: A yes vote would be a vote to add this feature, a no vote is to keep the artist profile page as it currently is


I like the idea ! It could be great to allow artists to do that. That way, independently of the release date or album, we could sort our tracks in a specific order.

Hello FELDT!

Wanted to chime in here and say I love this idea. For any types of ‘feature requests’ though let’s please use the #feature-requests channel in the Audius Community Discord.

Feel free to copy and paste that over there - this format is great for that channel too <3

Lol yeah I figured that out shortly after I posted it. Even flagged it for removal by mods here, but it’s still up I see. For the sake of the all points made here, yes it’s a feature request, but in the intro “Getting Started” post you have for first timers, it does state in bullet point #4 “features” as a valid topic. To that point I responded on that thread asking mods to edit the intro post to further clarify what is ok and what is not. I also did move this over to #feature-requests a couple weeks ago.