AUDIO Grants Committee Wave One Recap

Hi, all! I’m proud to present our Wave One Recap for the AUDIO Grants Committee. Please read below!

In the two months since launching the AUDIO Grants Committee, 10 grants have been approved to the tune of 6550 $AUDIO.

In this post, we’d like to highlight the recipients of these grants, and encourage other members to apply.

Note: The official AUDIO Grants Committee wallet is 0xeABCcd75dA6c021c7553dB4A74CACC958812432A, in which a detailed list of all outgoing transactions can be found here.

The AUDIO Grants Committee is a three-month trial program to provide Audius artists with a pool of 100k AUDIO to be distributed to wider participants of the Audius community. More details on the grant program and its origins can be found here.

Without further adieu, here are the Wave One recipients:

Before the Data - 1000 AUDIO for an Audius playlist competition.
MAiWORLD - 1000 AUDIO for Twitch production livestream participation.
AudiusPlaylists - 1000 AUDIO for Underground V3 Rap Contest.
D-Vine - 1000 AUDIO for One Tribe Radio
Disclosure - 1000 AUDIO for “Market Mondays” Twitch streams.
StormwavZ - 750 AUDIO for OmniFest 2
Friz - 450 AUDIO for a remix contest.
Color Wave Collective - 250 AUDIO for a remix context.
ExperiBass - 100 AUDIO for a remix contest.

The majority of the grants were allocated to remix contests, with the remainder being spread across livestreams and radio shows.

Outside of the grants themselves, the AGC members received monthly salaries of 250 AUDIO (x2) for a total of 500 AUDIO to each of the 15 members - netting to 7500 AUDIO in total.

Wave Two Grants

For the second wave of grants, we’d encourage community members to apply for the following:

  • Educational Material - Campaigns spreading awareness of the AUDIO Grants Committee, or tutorials on how to apply and receive a grant.
  • Remix Contests - If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Keep running those remix contests up!
  • Live Events - Looking to curate an event with you and your closest friends? An AUDIO grant is exactly what you need to put together a killer underground show!
  • AMAs - Growing your own community? Host an AMA with your fans and give AUDIO to everyone who attends!

The AGC Is meant to be extremely flexible. If you’ve got a good idea for a grant, chances are it will get approved so long as you work with the AGC to refine the scope and expectations for it.

Please note that certain proposals may receive an email requesting more information. This does not mean a grant is denied, but that in order for it to be approved, it needs to be better articulated and detailed.

If at any point you receive an email requesting more info, feel free tag any member using the @Grants Committee tag on the $AUDIOphiles Discord to have them help you get it across the finish line.

The Path Forward

While the AUDIO Grants Committee is achieving its core goal of allocating AUDIO to the Audius community, 90%+ of its funds are still readily available to be deployed. To expand outreach and ensure that applicants are as well-supported as possible, the following changes to AUDIO distribution will be made for Wave Two:

The maximum grant amount will be raised from 1000 AUDIO to 2500 AUDIO.

Anyone who successfully refers another community member to receive a grant will also receive 100 AUDIO.

This program is meant to be the first in a long-list of community-focused initiatives to reward artists for their contributions to Audius. We welcome all community members to provide feedback on how to better improve processes around the AUDIO Grants Committee.

In a month and a half, the AGC will post its second wave recap, at which point the committee itself will be evaluated to determine whether or not it continues to function or be dissolved. Along the way, we plan to increase communication on this governance forum, as well as on social media, to maximize awareness of grant-supported projects and ensure utmost transparency in the committee’s operations.

We’d like to thank all our grant recipients to date and look forward to Wave Two!


Will a retrospective be published regarding potential difficulties that may have been encountered during the first wave, as well as a retrospective for the subsequent waves? For instance, it took close to 24 days for the first grant to be approved. Was this by design, or was an issue encountered that caused that huge delay? Such data would prove useful towards continuity planning once the trial program concludes and serve as a valuable insight for potential successors committees to avoid potential pitfalls during their terms.

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Will there be ongoing or follow up updates like this or just the initial one above?

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