AUDIO Grants Committee - Season Three


Hello! It’s camoufly here, artist and internal lead of the AUDIO Grants Committee for Season Two (Oct '21 - Dec '21).
This is the proposal to extend the AUDIO Grants Committee for a new Season to ideally run from Feb '22 until Apr-May '22.


Restart the work of the AUDIO Grants Committee for a new Season - with a batch of 50000 $AUDIO to be given to the AGC.
The AGC will then continue its work, with new members this time, as it has been decided that members should change every season, to give the most people possible the opportunity to work for the initiative.
The approximate time for Season Three should be three to four months. The idea would be to find ways to distribute all the $AUDIO in the Safe to projects related to Audius. As always, every Grant should be given on a case-by-case basis and by following general guidelines that have been highlighted during Season One and Season Two.


The AUDIO Grants Committee, thanks to a proposal held in September, has continued to do its job of distributing the Grants for the previous months (Season Two: Oct '21 - Dec '21).
The total $AUDIO distributed amounts to 50757, which means 100% of the $AUDIO in the Grants Safe has been distributed since the start of Season Two.
A total of 13257 $AUDIO have been distributed in 3 monthly payouts to all 13 members and the active moderators helping.
The total amount of $AUDIO Granted equals 37500 $AUDIO.
A few highlights from Season Two:

  • Mazare - 1500 $AUDIO Granted for a Monthly radio show
  • SpicyCake - 500 $AUDIO Granted for Monthly exclusive events
  • Stereofox - 1500 $AUDIO Granted for using the Audius application on their website
  • KUMO Collective - 500 $AUDIO Granted for the KUMO Approves playlist moving exclusively on Audius


Over the past three months, the AGC has distributed 100% of the remaining $AUDIO in their safe, giving it to the Applications that met the requirements and were voted to get a grant.
We would like to extend the AUDIO Grants Committee program for about three more months (Feb ’21 – Apr/May ’21), with a new rebuilt voting system in order to welcome new members to the board.

Current Team & How We Work

The team that led the AGC in Season Two is the following.

camoufly - Internal Lead. Overseeing internal operations, ensuring that decisions and signatures on incoming grants are made in a timely manner.
msft - Community Lead. Encouraging engagement on grant recipients’ initiatives in the Audius Discords (so referral for our operations in the main Discord), working with community event hosts to provide $AUDIO rewards to contest winners + referring them to the program.
Sagrado - Grant Communications Liaison. In charge of establishing communication with grant applicants regarding applications that require more information or a lower ask.
Mr. Korrupto - Signature Coordinator. In charge of making sure all signatures are gathered at the end of each week, and eventually reach out to members of the committee to sign.
Charlie Crown - Accepted Grant Graphic Creator. Takes accepted grants and plugs information into Accepted Grant template and exports to a folder for socials.
VÉRITÉ - External Communications Lead. Managing the AGC’s public voice on social media. Controls the AGC’s social media accounts.
PLS&TY - Social & Marketing Lead. Also controls the AGC’s social media accounts, ensuring Twitter is up to date, setting up AMAs, etc.
Pat Lok - A&R Lead. Overseeing outreach and onboarding of higher profile artists, driving exposure and traffic to AGC programs via their communities.
Houses - Dev. Managing integrations and automations for Airtable / Discord / Gnosis.
Alpha - Secretary. Creating a weekly roundup of meetings.
metsä, King Emmitt, MATTRICKBEATS - Committee members. Vote and discuss grants within the committee.

Besides their main role, every member has the duty to vote and discuss every application. The voting is made through a Discord BOT that collects applications and responds by reacting to each Application message. Three options are available: “Approve”, “Ask for more information” and “Reject”. Once one of the three options selected with the reactions reaches a threshold, the BOT will send an email reporting the result of the voting to the applicant.
In case of no email, it’s most likely that the Application has been rejected.
Every decision is made both case-by-case and following current public guidelines which are available on the AGC’s socials.
The AGC always tries to grant $AUDIO based on applications themselves and how they fit to the guidelines, but applicant’s IRL behavior and social media behavior, especially within the Audius Community, is crucial to the AGC’s final decision.

New Members and Election

Over the course of Season Two we have had the opportunity to get new members from a community vote. This has been done via Google Forms, but we unfortunately missed some steps in terms of voting verification (more about this below).
There will be three phases for the start of the new AGC Season and election of new members.

Phase 1 (we are here): Initial proposal is released and voted. Once the voting on this proposal is done (1 week), a decision regarding whether the AUDIO Grants Committee continues under the terms of this proposal is made by the community via on-chain vote within another week.

Phase 2: Should this proposal be accepted; we will release a form where community members can apply to serve on the AUDIO Grants Committee for the proposed period.
All non-personal information contained in each application will be shared with the public, and every community member will be eligible to apply so long as they are in good standing with the Audius Community (have not been banned from Audius’ Discord, Reddit, or Telegram communities, as well as this governance forum).
The deadline for applications should be within the third full week of January (Jan 17 – Jan 23).

Phase 3: All applications will be shared with the community on the governance forum for discussion, and community voting will initiate for the proposed roles of the new committee.
For each election, the community will vote between each applicant as well as a “no confidence” vote; should the latter be the majority pick, a new set of applicants will be asked to apply for the position in question and a second vote would take place.
A valid email and a Discord handle are required. We will only accept ONE vote from each email address.
If a person gets the most votes in more categories, the second most voted will be elected in the category in which the first most voted has received the least votes.
Unless a “no confidence” majority is reached for a proposed position, voting would end, and the lineup of the newly elected committee would be announced during the last week of January (Jan 24 – Jan 30).

Regardless of whether they are voted to continue through the extension, current committee members will be obligated to aid the newly voted panel through their first two weeks of operations. This process of “handing over the torch” will not entail any $AUDIO payment.

All members of Season Three will be required a minimum amount of work and cooperation within the Committee. If that is not the case, they will be “striked” for inactivity first, and eventually they will be removed from the Committee which will publicly ask for a new member. Current members without a specific role will temporarily (or not, if they decide otherwise) cover the role of the inactive member.
The Committee might democratically decide if a member is not adapting to their role and may switch member roles in that case.


The AUDIO Grants Committee is currently one of the only – if not the only – methods in which people can get funded (in $AUDIO) by just applying with the right idea. These incentives have been a driving force both for emerging and established artists to merge their work with Audius. Also, since most of the applications involve a community, the main result of the amounts $AUDIO granted by the AGC was a shift from musicians and music enthusiasts towards the Audius platform.
For these reasons, and given Audius’ increasing adoption, we believe that the AUDIO Grants Committee’s work is fundamental within the online music environment.


Grant a total of 50000 $AUDIO to the AGC Multisig, which address is: 0xeABCcd75dA6c021c7553dB4A74CACC958812432A.

The committee is responsible for overseeing the distribution of monthly rewards to members and the ongoing allocation of $AUDIO to grant recipients.

Any unused $AUDIO that remains at the end of the extension should be returned to the community treasury, but only if the program is not extended after the next 3-month period.


  • Provides artists with a more granular way to earn AUDIO for one-off campaigns.
  • Empowers key contributors to seed the community with AUDIO rewards.
  • Creates a funnel for creative experiments to be rewarded in real time, without having to go through on-chain governance.


  • High degree of trust to grant recipients.
  • Multiple committee members may be new to overseeing a grants program and governing large sums of tokens. Tokens distributed to community grants are not subject to any vesting.


A preemptive vote for the AUDIO Grants Committee to start a new season will be made under this proposal here, on the Audius Governance Platform. The voting will end Jan 10th at 00:00:00 (12 AM) UTC.

If the majority voted yes, the proposal will find its way to a new on-chain vote on the Audius Protocol. If the proposal is accepted there too, a total of 50000 $AUDIO will be deposited on the AGC Multisig and we’ll proceed to start the elections for the new members.

If any of the above-mentioned proposals is voted no, the AGC will not continue.

  • YES - The AGC should continue for a Season Three.
  • NO - The AGC should not continue.

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Voted in favour. Been great to see how the AGC has adapted and grown since the beginning of season one. Thanks to all involved for doing such a great service


Great to see this coming back for another year, it’s an invaluable resource for the community.


100% yes.Great to see all the awesome projects coming through because of this.


Excited to see the AGC continue to back new projects.


Looking forward to another season, awesome work AGC :heart:


Hell yeah! Excited for Season 3


Whoa! Been listening to “Told You So” on absolute repeat. If you can make music like that, you gotta have a good head on your shoulders. Got me vote!


My vote is for YES! Let’s extend it for another quarter term! -mattrickbeats


Awesome to see the progression that the grants committtee has made since it’s original inception :heart:


I’m only just catching up on the Audius community and governance.

Excited to hear another season of grants has passed. All the musicians I work with should be moving over to Audius. I hope to do what I can to send them that way.