Allow Node Operators to set a minimum delegation amount

For all Node Operators, the current minimum delegation requirement sits at 100 $AUDIO.

Every additional delegate adds to contract call complexity for a reward claim. Increasing gas costs and eventually leading to a max number of delegates. And it appears (as one would assume) that Operators toward the top of the leaderboard attract the highest number of delegates.

Similar to how Operators may set a custom deployer cut, I’d like to suggest we add a control to allow Operators to set their minimum delegation requirement.


  • Provides an additional instrument for Operators to compete and attract delegates by maintaining a lower minimum delegation amount in relation to others
  • Improves distribution curve of staked tokens amongst the nodes that run the network
  • If the mechanics of rewards change in the future, this incentivizes further investment into the network from token holders who may want to delegate to a specific Operator


  • I cannot think of any?

Looking forward to hearing thoughts / feedback!


Not a bad idea, it would certainly allow certain operators to be a bit more exclusive based on assets that a delegator has available to stake. I’ll share this on the discord so we can get more eyeballs and heads on it.

Figment would support a minimum AUDIO delegation amount. Would be good to review what other protocols have done. Polkadot, for example, has implemented a minimum stake of 40 DOT for nominators.

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great work audius team on getting this implemented!! :raised_hands:

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