Addressing Bad Actors in Underground Trending

Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to view this.

The goal is to create a discussion around bad actors on the platform attempting to take advantage of the underground trending page.

As many of you are aware, the underground trending page is designed to promote our most underrepresented artists and bring much needed attention to new and emerging talent. Furthermore AUDIO is distributed to those who succeed into making it onto this page as a way of giving more voting power and agency to our artists.

Not every user has made it to this page organically as of writing this post. This normally would not be an issue if the token was not distributed to trending artists, however this poses an interesting question.

If a bad actors bot their way to trending, should we reward them?

My answer to this is flatly, no. The reason for this is because the AUDIO token provides voting power and governance to that user, and we should not encourage this. There are many solutions, one of which is to assign an independent council or committee to oversee trending songs and flag tracks with a dubious amount of accounts that lack credibility Example 1, Example 2 Example 3

New accounts are created all the time so there is no sense in enforcing this at this time as it may actively hurt new user onboarding. The issue is rewarding bad actors for taking advantage of a process designed to highlight hardworking artists is far from ideal. This can encourage more bad behavior.
Thank you for your time, please share your thoughts, solutions and comments.

  • Should there be a committee to review trending songs for bad actors?

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Well said, sir! Down with the bot farmers.

EDIT: I think this is likely the first we will see of “soundcloud-esque” mannerisms creeping into Audius, and it’s important that we prevent this from going any further, otherwise it paves the way for all types of malpractice and bad decorum on the platform.


100% agree. Fake pages being created solely for the purpose of reposting tracks, streams left on unlimited repeat to farm “listens” and users spam reposting every single track they stumble upon; we need to squash this now before it gets even further out of control.


I have actually made it on the top 5 trending underground artists before only to be bumped down by these bot accounts… It’s very unfair, so I definitely vote in favor of bot detection measures!


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I’ve been wondering about this generally, and sorry if it’s a little off-topic: Does Audius have any anti-sybil measures whatsoever? I would think that captchas could be deployed for new sign-ups and perhaps randomly for old ones. If social graphing of some sort were employed, more targeted captchas, or else, even better, more discerning allocation of rewards would be possible.

I can see where a committee might be necessary provisionally, but I would hope that such a thing could be nipped in the bud with more permanent measures–more engineered solutions.

I agree with your proposal although I feel like instead of taking the enforcement route, we should initially take an academic one. I personally believe that this theoretical committee shouldn’t be less than 10 members and should work in tandem with audius to identify bad actors weekly but separately document their findings and votes independently. Perhaps we could initiate a trial period similar to the grants programs?

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I remember there were talks about 3rd party committee that would make suggestions for node operators to remove copyright infringement content. This would clearly fit the same category. So i’m all favor of this proposal but more technical details would be needed about how said committee would operate.